Friday, August 14, 2015

Judy at the Grove

For Judy Garland's big comeback film, "A Star is Born," the Cocoanut Grove served as the location for the scene where Judy's character wins an Oscar. This wasn't much of a creative stretch since the Grove had actually hosted the Oscars in 1930 and 1940. Apparently what you see in the movie is a soundstage recreation of the actual club. They did a damn good job!

Here's a closeup of Vicki Lester (Judy) standing up to the thunderous applause as she is about to take her walk to the stage to receive her statuette. Standing next to Judy is actor Charles Bickford. Front right of this detailed view is an actress whose name escapes me. She made a living playing extras; rarely any dialogue, but her face is recognizable from a number of Three Stooges comedies. I am sure one of my readers can fill in the blanks.

After Judy gets her Oscar, drunken husband Norman Maine (James Mason) interrupts her happy moment and accidentally backhands her as he asks for a job from his peers in the audience.

Here's a 1950s image of the Ambassador Hotel, where the Cocoanut Grove Club was located.

A nighttime shot of the statue in front. Love the colors on this one!

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Michael G. said...

Dave - that woman is Bess Flowers - she appeared as an extra in literally hundreds of films. Here is her IMDB listing!

Mike Goldberg
Nashville, TN

Daveland said...

Thanks Mike - I shoulda' remembered that!