Wednesday, August 12, 2015

60 Years Ago Today: Nixon at Disneyland Pt. 2

Finishing out the 60th anniversary of Vice President Richard Nixon's first trip to Disneyland are these shots from a journey on the Mark Twain riverboat. I love this first shot of the entire family on the dock, perfectly dressed for this momentous occasion.

Daughter Julie gets to ring the bell; a treat for any child!

Nixon seems to be enjoying the view from the top of the Twain. Who wouldn't?

In this image, the Twain is passing by the Chicken Plantation restaurant, which was located approximately where the Haunted Mansion is today, give or take a little real estate.

Nixon waves to onlookers from atop the Twain. Note the fire buckets…

which can still be found on the riverboat. Highly doubtful they are the same ones though.

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