Thursday, August 13, 2015

Classic Disneyland Hotel

A duet of classic 1960s images of the Disneyland Hotel for today, beginning with this August 1962 shot. The Blue Monorail is parked in front. What a fantastic image! For the closeup, I had to get a better look at the hand-crafted signage as well as the paneling on that vintage station wagon!

It may have been a cloudy day when this October 1964 photo was taken, but I still think it's pretty cool!

Riffing on the Park's iconic entrance sign, the Hotel looms in the background with the Monorail track at right and a ton of cool vintage autos in the parking lot!

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Darryl said...

Dave ...funny they used "Hotel Disneyland" on the top of the hotel...blocked from view from the iconic sign in your 3rd posted pix...but visible from another of your pix (link below) guess "Disneyland - Hotel" didn't fit between the and of the building and the elevator location!

Daveland said...

I do remember reading that somewhere. Hey…whatever it takes to make it work!