Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Meet Me at Coke Corner

Instead of meeting at "The Hub," we typically meet at the slightly quieter Coke Corner. It was early enough that it wasn't officially opened for business, which is my favorite time to snap a few shots!

The inner workings of the ragtime upright piano:

A look at Bob Penfield's Main Street window:

The awning located above the piano:

which looks like it might still be the original piece when comparing with this 1962 image:

Later, Patrick appeared to entertain guests at the Park with his lightning-fast fingers on the keys:

Stepping inside, I took one shot of the revamped Candy Palace…and one shot was enough.

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1 comment:

K. Martinez said...

Love the Coke Corner counter image. So many time have I lined up there for a late afternoon snack consisting of a hot dog and chips in a small cardboard box-tray with a Coke. I remember when they served Coke with cherry syrup added into it if you requested it. This was well before Coca-Cola came out with Cherry Coke.

The Coke Corner is one of my favorite places to eat for the atmosphere. The open air, listening to the ragtime piano and watching the throngs of guests coming and going at the Plaza Hub is wonderful. The thing I find frustrating about the place is the inconsistent quality of the hot dogs that are served here. Some years it's good and other years it's bad. Last time I ate there in 2012 they served some cheap dinky low quality amusement park hotdog and it was expensive. How Disney food quality can be so inconsistent at its various eating establishments just amazes me.

BTW, it's my opinion that for the most part they've ruined the interiors of the Main Street buildings. I used to love going through the various shops there. Now I just rush through it quickly to see if there's anything worthwhile. Thanks, Dave.