Monday, February 02, 2015

Disneyland For Sale!

Well, not so much the Park, but plenty of AMAZING original pieces that were part of Disneyland's early history. The Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, specializing in Animation Art, is mounting an auction for February 28th and March 1 that will blow Disneyland geeks away. The Exhibition itself starts February 7th. Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

How about an actual skeleton prop from the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (estimate:$ 60,000-$90,000)? I'm sure there will be more than a few takers for this iconic prop...

that is located here on the attraction:

When it comes to Disneyland memories, this Frontierland Cigar Store Indian from the 1960s should stir up more than a few:

Jordan from Perky Pickle Productions once gave me some background on the "Wooden" Indian:

The Indians were made out of fiberglass from a mold. They still are. In fact, I'm always amazed how flimsy they seem in the park. In fact, that's the problem. The fiberglass guys take a lot of wear and tear. They actually would be replaced every five to seven years from what I've heard. I actually bought the second Indian that the poster mentions. It was in San Francisco with an antique dealer who purchased it directly from the Disney prop warehouse. I heard there was another. The one I have is from Frontierland with the green cape. I believe the other one was from Main Street. My Injun is in pretty good shape with the only damage being a light crack in the rifle top which was always the first to go. Indian Joe was originally supposed to look like a carved Cigar Store Indian from the Victorian era. The old Disney Indians were painted that way...even with a simulated patina to look like old polychromed carvings. Original turn of the century cigar store Indians don't have flesh or wrinkles. They are meant to look like carvings. I have an original 1900s carving and it's AMAZING how much my Disneyland Indian looks like the early 1900s carving!

Here's a vintage 1965 photo of my dad and two brothers posing with this very Indian in Frontierland:

How about this rare early concept for Tomorrowland by Bruce Bushman? All I can say is "wow." How fantastic if Walt had been able to afford to create this entrance into Tomorrowland. Bushman was one of the major designers working by Walt’s side during the park development and construction. The artwork is a very early concept and was actually featured in the 1954 series premiere of Walt Disney’s “Disneyland” television show (estimate: $50,000-$70,000).


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