Thursday, February 26, 2015

Inside the Carthay Circle

The Carthay Circle Theatre on San Vicente Boulevard in Los Angeles was arguably one of the most famous movie palaces of Hollywood's Golden Age, known for its lavish movie premieres. In Disney history, it is known as the theatre that presented "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to the world.

The Disneyland Resort's Buena Vista Street built a scaled replica of the Spanish Colonial Revival marvel that was demolished in 1969.

While the exterior evokes the original, Disney California Adventure's Carthay Circle functions as a restaurant, causing the interior to be completely different.

Imagineers did a fantastic job of creating a high end restaurant that evokes the golden era, but I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed when it was announced that its function would not match its namesake. In hindsight, it was a wise choice; how many guests would want to pay money to go to an amusement park to sit in a darkened theatre to watch a movie?

Thankfully, photos do exist of the interior of the 1926 Carthay Circle Theatre.

Glad you can't see me drooling over these architectural details and flourishes.

I sure hope this painting was saved.

You can see how the main room of the DCA restaurant evokes the ceiling of the original theatre:

Imagineers, I am putting in my request to add this Art Deco fountain from the original!

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Matt Gerhard said...

I was born too late! I'd love to have attended the movies in one of these great old palaces. So much more bang for your buck: beautiful theatre, state show, sing-along, organ solo, newsreel, etc. etc. Oh well.