Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Rocketeer Abroad, Pt. 1

When Disney released "The Rocketeer" back in 1991, the studio had high hopes that it would be a blockbuster, spawning sequels, merchandise, and lotsa' moola. The photos shown here are of the lead character, The Rocketeer, visiting various cities around the globe. I have doubts that Billy Campbell (shown above) actually visited these locations; most likely somebody else filled in for Campbell by donning the iconic costume. I am guessing that these shots were intended to give a very Americana-film a bit more of an international appeal.

Here the Rocketeer is in Paris, giving a thumbs-up for the Eiffel Tower.

Looking a bit stiff on the Champs-Élysées near the Arc de Triomph. I wonder if Disney bothered to get any filming permits or if they just shot these rogue. I'm choosing the latter.

Here are 3 views from Rio de Janeiro:

Final one today shows the Rocketeer looking for benediction from Christ the Redeemer, the 98' foot tall statue that has been since 1931 at the peak of the Corcovado mountain and is considered one of the "New" Seven Wonders of the World.

Unfortunately, the visit to Rio didn't seem to help the box office, which fell short of The Disney Studio's desires. No franchise for you!

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Irene said...

I'm not sure what happened on the marketing of that film. I thought it was great!

K. Martinez said...

I loved The Rocketeer! I read somewhere that they didn't know how to market the film. It's too bad, as it was a great film. I always wished they had done an homage to it with the Bulldog Café and airfield in DCA. The possibilities that were. Thanks, Dave.

outsidetheberm said...

They did have a Bulldog Cafe at the Disney/MGM park for a spell. Would imagine it's gone by now.

Major Pepperidge said...

I have heard rumors of a remake. I am torn, because the original did it so right, with tons of charm, and not a glut of CGI effects. BUT… I can't help but be intrigued too.

Chrissy @ Adventures in DIY said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Campbell right before "The Rocketeer" was released. I was at Disneyland and they happened to be filming a segment for a Disney TV special. That week, I had just seen Bill Campbell on a late night talk show promoting the film, so I immediately recognized him & Jennifer Connelly during the filming at the park. My friend and I (we were both in our early teens) waited for filming to be done and we approached Bill for an autograph (we also got a picture or 2 of him). He obliged and was very nice!