Tuesday, August 26, 2014

50 Years Ago: Let's Ride the Matterhorn!

Other than a crazy OCD completist like me, who would bother taking a photo of the line queue at the Matterhorn? Well, apparently I have a doppelgänger from March 1964. This great shot of the famous Disneyland attraction is the type I would take, waiting to board my bobsled. Judging by the blue quilted jacket, it must have been a bit chilly.

Zooming in for more detail:

and even closer to see the cast member and costume:

This previously posted September 1964 image shows the thrilling (and wet) conclusion of this beloved attraction:

Getting as close as possible to see the guests' smiles:

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K. Martinez said...

I remember riding in these bobsleds climbing up the lift hill and looking around at the steel girder interior and then looking up seeing a couple of large pointed frosty faux icicles hanging from the "ceiling" of the Matterhorn. I remember that but haven't seen any interior photos of the Matterhorn "ceiling" to confirm my memories.

There's something about the original bobsleds, so colorful. Thanks, Dave.

MRaymond said...

I've posted a few pictures of the interior from 78 (over at Micechat). I don't remember the icicles but I remember the steel beam work and wooden trusses. Too bad my Super8, POV film deteriorated.

K. Martinez said...

It was primitive by today's standards, but I also remember it when going on the Skyway through the Matterhorn. I always wondered if that was what was considered the "Glacier Grotto" the Skyway supposedly passed through. It would be great if there was an upward view interior shot. It's been so long ago now that I think the memory files of my brain might be corrupted.

Darryl said...

No better way to get to know your "significant other" (or one you hope will be) than to have them sit in front of you, leaning back against you as you twist, turn, climb and fall through the icy caves...good times.