Monday, August 11, 2014

Dapper Dans in the Candle Shop

Three of the four Dapper Dans are in this seemingly unremarkable March 1968 image which I wouldn't have bothered acquiring had it not been for the background. They are posing in the Main Street Book & Candle Shop, and interior Main Street views are fairly rare. This shop existed from approximately 1955-1971 and is now occupied by a jewelry store inside of the Crystal Arcade. Here's an exterior shot from November 1958 to help you get your bearings:

An August 1966 interior view:

And an undated 1960's photo:

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Fifthrider said...

That's a shame this is gone. I would actually buy a candle every time I'm there. That's one of those simple, affordable and useful things that I would actually make a habit of buying on each trip to the park.
Doubly so if they allowed you to dip your own candles like 1970's Magic Mountain would do in the old "Spillikin Corner" part of the park. In today's society that seems to focus on "interactive everything" I'm surprised there isn't a dip-your-own-candle shop when you can color them on your own. Great shots. Thanks.

CoxPilot said...

I'm confused! For some reason I remember the candle shop being at the rear of the flower mart, and you could pass through to the Emporium and glass blowing shop. The smell of the candles would permeate the flowers and add the flower realism. Am I remembering a different time, or a different place?

K. Martinez said...

I miss shops like this at Disneyland.

@CoxPilot -

I was looking at Daveland's Main Street diagram page and it looks like there were two separate candle shops. The Book & Candle Shop in this article and the one you mentioned at the rear of the Flower Mart.

CoxPilot said...

From what I remember, I think the Dapper Dans are in the one near the flower mart. The other must have been a much smaller place.

JG said...

Dave, what a great pic.

The Dan's and the accompanying photos are taken in the back of the Flower Mart, West Center Street, behind the Upjohn Pharmacy.

There was apparently a B&C shop SIGN location for a while on Main Street, but I'm pretty sure the shop was always in the back of the flower mart, and the sign located on Main Street was just noting that the shop could be accessed inside, not that it was located "right there".

All these shops connected inside, much like today, so you could go in Crystal Arcade or the Pharmacy from the street and wander back to the B&C shop. The old shop wall configuration is mostly still there, but coffee cups and key rings replaced the candles and books.

I have seen some maps showing the B&C shop along Main Street, but I think these are errors based on the old sign location. The Main Street sign was later removed and the primary B&C sign was on the wall in the Flower Mart.


K. Martinez said...

Great extra info, JG. I was wondering about that possibility. Thanks!

JG said...

@ K. Martinez, you're welcome.

It's just reciting my memories, no claim to real historic accuracy or records, and pretty hazy after 50 plus years.