Friday, August 22, 2014

January 28, 1977 at Disneyland, Pt. 1

I have a fun set of vintage Disneyland images from January 28, 1977. How do I know the date? Well, I'll get to that a bit later. The first shot that was taken shows the Matterhorn, as viewed from Central Plaza.

I would surmise that this group must have loved the Jungle Cruise, as it was their first attraction of the day to be photographed. Here's a great shot of the Ancient Shrine scene:

Zooming in for a closeup of the Shrine:

Hope you aren't afraid of spiders.

A little farther along in this scene we see the hungry tiger:

Only one of the African Bull Elephants was captured on film this day:

Last one for today is a beauty from Adventureland.

A closeup of the Sunkist I Presume sign:

and a view of the Riverbelle Terrace menu:

More to come!

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JG said...

Now I want a Mickey Pancake.

These are so great, Dave. thank you.


K. Martinez said...

Fantastic! Today's post is just loaded with memories. It was about when Disneyland was peak for me. Space Mountain was coming soon and Matterhorn still had it's open holes at the top turn-around with the original bobsleds running down the tracks.

I'm a huge fan of the Jungle Cruise and the Cambodian ruins section is a big reason for it.

The image of the River Belle Terrace sign and Sunkist 'I Presume' dining area is a gem. I remember back in the 1970s sitting in those chairs and having a Jungle Julep and buttermilk bar for breakfast that I picked up at Sunkist 'I Presume'. Wonderful memories. Looking forward to more Jan '77 Disneyland and the reason you know the date.

JG - Even though it's not the same experience, I still order those Mickey Mouse Pancakes for breakfast at the River Belle Terrace every time I take to trip down to Disneyland. It's a tradition.