Thursday, August 14, 2014

1950's Tomorrowland

Today I present a few undated shots, beginning with an image of the Clock of the World, the wacky wonderful vintage Disneyland icon that greeted guests as they entered Tomorrowland.

A closeup of the Circarama attraction entrance:

And for those more patient and intelligent than me, maybe this closeup of the Clock of the World can help narrow down the date of when these photos were taken.

Our vintage photographer ventured deeper into Tomorrowland and boarded the Skyway, taking the next two images featuring the Autopia…

and the short-lived Viewliner:

Looks pretty empty.

Last one for today shows the bucket drifting over the Tomorrowland Viewliner station as it heads towards its destination of Fantasyland:

Meanwhile, I'd like to wish comedian, writer, actor, and musician Steve Martin a very happy birthday to today!

See more Daveland Disneyland Skyway photos at my main website.


K. Martinez said...

I don't know what it is, but that wall thingy in the CirCARama exhibit entrance reminds me of the CBS Eye.

While I feel fortunate to have seen the original Tomorrowland, faded as the memories are, I wish I was born a little earlier to experience 1950s Disneyland. It wouldn't been great to see my favorite place on the planet in its infancy. Thanks, Dave.

beachgal said...

If the photos are all taken the same trip - sure you know the short date time frame the Viewliner ran - and it's after American Motors took over the theater - it had America The Beautiful (first version) showing there before and a big old sponsorship from Bell Telephone on the front of the building and they showed some kind of ad for Bell Telephone or at least an intro logo from Bell when the movie started (or maybe finished - I forget exactly) -

beachgal said...

That theater was pretty cool when it opened - it one upped all that was going in the theaters (almost) -- we were big into the new widescreen viewing pleasure then with Vistavison, Cinerama, Todd A-O, Panavision and all the others coming out of the Hollywood production cos. It was too short (or sometimes too long with no seating in there tho) - recall thinking they needed to make it like the Griffith Park Observatory only make the seats spin round 360!

K. Martinez said...

I always enjoy reading comments on your early recollections of Disneyland. Thanks, beachgal.

CoxPilot said...

The Circa-Rama was great! As good a film as Soren at WDW. Filmed by Paul Manz (It's a Mad, Mad, World). The pre-show in the waiting area was the advert part with both American Motors & AT&T.