Thursday, October 27, 2011

Traveling Thursdays: More Vintage New Orleans

Continuing with more images of the "genteel decay" in The French Quarter, I begin today's post with two images of Brennan's Vieux Carré Restaurant. First one is from November 1954; the second is undated.

Here is one of my faves; no trip to New Orleans is complete without a dinner to Antoine's. Another November 1954 image:

The rest of these undated 1950's shots show what I would call the seamier side of the city. Of course, by today's standards (or lack thereof), these images seem tame and kitschy. The Napoleon House was supposedly intended to be a residence for Napoleon Bonaparte after his exile; a local plot to bring Napoleon to Louisiana ended with the news of his death. Now it is a bar and restaurant.

Although you can't see the sign here, I believe this photo is of The Mardi Gras Lounge at 333 Bourbon Street. Apparently due to the financial difficulties of this club, Fred Kohlman and his New Orleans Jazz Band were eventually replaced by an "All Star Show" that featured scantily clad women! Shocking!

Anybody care to see Evangeline the Oyster Girl at Stormy's Casino Royale?

The Silver Frolics Night Club was located at 427 Bourbon Street. It closed in 1963 as local law enforcement began cracking down on vice in the French Quarter.

It may have been called "Monte Carlo," but I'll guarantee you that you'd never find Grace Kelly at this place!

Not sure which club had this poster in front, but va-va-voom! Today, a club like this would have girls butt-naked with their legs spread wide-open. Oh how the times have changed!

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JG said...

Great tour. I really like these.

Bubbles is aptly named, I should think.

Odd how even the burlesque was more tasteful back then.


Major Pepperidge said...

I love those vintage photos of the old strip clubs!