Tuesday, October 04, 2011

1967 Journey Through POTC, Pt. 2

Join us mid-journey as we sail through the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in New Orleans, circa 1967. The minstrels and their howling dog welcome us into this tableau as our boat floats by the wondrous Marc Davis animatronic characters.

A recent shot for comparison's sake shows only minor changes over the years.

Just a tad further ahead it's all mayhem, as the city burns and drunken pirates begin the looting.

I'm sure somebody out there will do a comparison of the hats precariously positioned on top of this pirate's head. It just isn't going to be me.

This pirate may not have a pot to p#$s in, but he's happier than a pig in slop. And why not? He has two joyous little piggies to count as his drinking buddies.

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1 comment:

JG said...

Hey, that last guy has my retirement plan!

Seriously, my Dad and Uncle always cracked up laughing at the guy with the pigs. I think they might have known someone with the same low tastes.