Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at Disneyland, Pt. 1

For my Halloween post, I decided to cover my recent trip to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party. Guests buy a separate ticket for this event, and from 6pm—Midnight, they are the only ones allowed into the park. Donald and pals are above the gate, glowing in the moonlight, welcoming you into an alternate Disneyland.

It's amazing how lighting effects can make such a difference; this is not the same Disneyland you see during the daytime!

The eerie purple glow and projections you see on Main Street U.S.A. begin to prepare you for the special party that awaits you ahead.

I especially like the vintage looking toys and decor that are in the Main Street shop windows. It's nice that Disney stays thematically true with the turn-of-the-century displays.

This one is probably my favorite:

The huge Mickey pumpkin "lights" were all over the park, each one with a different expression:

This scarecrow was pretty cool...because it was kind of creepy. I do believe that Disney could push the creepy factor just a little bit more without alienating the tots. I don't necessarily want Knott's Scary Farm...but just a few more dark elements would keep these special parties from being too bland and ordinary.

The candy stations are the biggest shock for me. It blows me away to see the loooooong lines of children and parents, waiting for a piece of candy. There's nothing out of the ordinary about the treats being given; you could get them at any grocery store. Personally, I'd rather stand in line for a photo opportunity; or ride an attraction; or just soak up the atmosphere!

The Stormtroopers were one of the photo opportunities I mentioned. What kid wouldn't want their picture taken with these guys?

Over at The Tomorrowland Terrace, there was REAL party going on. Loved the DJ, loved the danceable tunes, and especially loved the dancing Toy Soldiers and Buzz Lightyear Astro-girls!

As a little boy, I used to feel that the Haunted Mansion was a different attraction at night. I preferred to ride it when the sun went down because it seemed much creepier (even if the attraction takes place indoors!). On the night of the Halloween party, I rode The Matterhorn. I don't believe I have ever been on it at night; I got the same feeling as I did as a boy with the Haunted Mansion. The cool factor magnified a jillion times as the bobsled raced through the dark at breakneck speeds, whipping me around in the cool "mountain" air as the Yeti growled at me all three times that I passed it.

The first sighting of the Yeti is only the red glowing eyes.

The 2nd and 3rd one are the Yeti in all its glory! Rooooaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Pardon the poorly framed shot...this guy is a b$%^h to photograph!

I'll end part one with a shot of the Castle, glowing an eerie green and bearing the hallmark of a spider web:

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Connie Moreno said...

Dave, the Matterhorn is a COMPLETELY different experience at night. I love it!!! Also, Big Thunder at night is a must do.

Hey, you inspired me so I created a page on Facebook called Bring Back Disneyland's Fort Wilderness.

I encourage people to "like" it!

TokyoMagic! said...

Excellent shots, Dave....can't wait to see more. Maybe I'll have to get myself to one of these Halloween Party nights next year!