Friday, April 19, 2024

TGIFort Wilderness!

It’s been awhile since we’ve visited Fort Wilderness at Daveland, so what better day than TGIFort Wilderness Day? Although a version (and that’s the kindest word I can think of) still exists on Tom Sawyer’s Island, the original was a vibrant structure that guests of all ages could explore and run rampant through. First shot is from October 1958. In the closeup below you can see the perfectly themed hand-done signage.

These three lads from June 1962 seem to be having a blast at the Fort.

The entrance, circa September 1963

How about this vintage purse? The design doesn’t ring a bell here, but it looks like some kind of referee. It appears that it might say “Varsity Tote.”

In the woman’s hand, she is holding a Park Brochure with a Tom Sawyer Island brochure sandwiched inside. The portion sticking out shows Tom and Huck’s Tree House.

The supporting evidence:

More from this family’s September 1963 visit to the Fort:

An example of Walt Disney’s beloved Edu-tainment:

The costumed cast member in this September 1969 looks like he just walked off the set of the 1965-67 sitcom “F Troop.”

An interior shot from the same batch:

On the left you have the Union Soldier, on the right, you have an actual member of the military, enjoying a day of leave at the Fort.

A father and his kids:

Sister holds back brother, who probably wants to rip into that bag of Lays chips.

See more Disneyland Fort Wilderness photos at my main website.


Nanook said...

What a great series of images of the Fort. (I think I'll have a dill pickle). On the close-up of Mom and her Park brochure, you can see the 'Italian'-theming of her blouse, populated with Italian food and beverage items: spumoni; tortoni; espresso; etc. What a hoot-!

Thanks, Dave.

Daveland said...

Good eye as always, Nanook - yes, what a cool vintage blouse! And how about those apples on the little girl’s dress from 1969?

max said...

them three flat-top guys

Fifthrider said...

I see two dads in the 4th and 2nd-to-last pic, both with some kind of camera. I'm assuming it's all 8mm but the last shot almost looks like something more modern. I wonder what happened to their film? Those trash cans... Imagineering doesn't do those anymore. I love that the 1957 brochure for Tom Sawyer Island makes ( what I assume to be ) the first reference to pirates in relation to Tom Sawyer Island. I always thought that wasn't until '67 and POTC but no, there's an earlier reference right there. ( "River pirates" but pirates nonetheless. )

Anonymous said...

Davy Crockett and the River Pirates, 1956.

Anonymous said...

TSI was so much fun. I left my parents stranded on the "mainland" waiting for me at the raft dock many times. I'd get their attention by waiving to them while they would be signal to me how much longer I could stay. Since I would stay beyond the allotted time, when the signals got more frantic, I knew it was time to return. Oh else!! LOL KS