Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Temple Tuesday: Domestic Shirley

Staged publicity shoots at home were part of being a star, even for little Shirley Temple. In the above staged shot from 1937, Shirley does not appear to be faring well in the kitchen. I sure hope those dishes were not valuable! In 1941, Shirley did an entire shoot showing her prepare a turkey. Back then, this was the equivalent of anything the top influencers would be posting on social media today!

It looks like Shirley might have even been allowed to enjoy the “fruits” of her labor.

Here’s a shot of a Morgantown Ruby Red Golf Ball Stem goblet found on ebay (in case you’d like to have one like the ones on the shelf above Shirley!):

Stars can’t do it all by themselves; in this image, Shirley gets assistance from one of the maids in pouring a spot of tea.

Shirley is seen baking a sunshine cake. I wonder how it turned out? It looks perfectly spongy! 

My mom used to bake Sunshine Cakes every year for our childhood birthdays. Here’s a recipe I found online for it. In case you were wondering, Shirley’s fridge was a Norge, which was originally manufactured by the Norge Appliance Company. Norge was acquired by Magic Chef in 1979, then absorbed by Maytag in 1986. Since 2006, Maytag has been a part of the Whirlpool Corporation. That”s a to follow!

You probably need a little refreshment after all that info; a Coca-Cola from Shirley’s private bar sounds perfect, as seen here in this 1949 shot with her then husband, John Agar.

See more Shirley Temple at home photos at my main website.

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