Monday, April 15, 2024

The Lady in Orange

In the lower right corner of this August 1966 image at the Court of Angels in Disneyland, there is a very tall “Lady in Orange” statue amidst all the fake flowers for sale (I guess Main Street wasn’t the only place to buy them). Was she decor? Was she for sale? No idea…however, in the image below, also from August 1966, we see either the same lady with a new coat of paint, or a second version by the same artist.

A closeup:

By July 1967, our Lady in Orange had moved to a different part of New Orleans Square.

Back to the Court of Angels by July 17, 1968:

…and then she disappears without a trace. At least in my photo collection! Anybody know her story?

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Anonymous said...

This is indeed a mystery to me and was before my time there. Will be interesting to learn of her history. Perhaps she now resides within the confines of Club 33. KS

Lou and Sue said...

There’s even a smaller version of our lady—sitting on the bannister knob, in the first shot. I have seen other pictures of these ‘dolls’—but know nothing about them…I would love to know more.


Daveland said...

When Jason over at Parkendium doesn't even know more info, that's not good!