Friday, September 30, 2022

Back from the Dead, Part 2

This one from 1957 looks as hopeless as yesterday’s companion image, but with some blood, sweat, and Photoshop, miracles can happen! Where’s Carol Merrill when you need her? Bonus points to those who know who she is!

When the Snow White attraction first opened in 1955, it was called “Snow White and her Adventures.”

I love being able to see the original queue mural, even if it’s a bit grainy.

When the attraction reopened in 1983 after Fantasyland received its Tudor remodel, the name changed to “Snow White’s Scary Adventures.” 

The recent refurbishment greatly toned down the scary elements and is now titled, “Snow White’s Enchanted Wish.” I have a wish; how about letting kids get the bejesus scared out of them? It’s actually healthy!

See more Disneyland Snow White’s Adventures attraction photos at my main website.


Fifthrider said...

You stumped me on the Carol Merrill reference. I had to look her up to put a face with a name. Apparently what's behind door number three is another amazingly cleaned up picture. This should make the internet picture thieves who edit out watermarks quite happy. You should hide micro-watermarks everywhere! Truly that is one surprisingly crisp picture considering what kind of film it was shot on and what the resolution was back then. ( Yes, I know the resolution was technically unlimited due to the silver nitrate, but shaky arms make for blurry photos, therefore "resolution". )

Chuck said...

Wow, Dave - another amazingly-restored photo! I am in the process of scanning my grandfather’s slide collection, and it includes a bunch of GAF PanaVue souvenir slides that have turned an amazing shade of magenta as GAF PanaVue souvenir slides are wont to do. What a nightmare. I need to break down and invest in either the modern version of Photoshop Elements (my copy is 2010 and isn’t compatible with any of my computers but the rickety old Vista laptop that takes forever to process anything) or buy into the Photoshop/Lightroom monthly rental model.

Thanks again, Dave!

Anonymous said...

You are the de-facto Disney historian Dave! Should apply to the studio! KS

Melissa said...


Nanook said...

As with the image in 'Part 1', a wonderful bringing-back from the dead. I too, love seeing the mural. We remember Carol Merrill quite fondly - along with Monty Hall - who was quite the gentleman.

Another vote for "letting kids get the bejesus scared out of them"-!!

Daveland said...

Chuck - I feel your pain. I had to finally do the monthly rental program with Adobe. But yes, you can get some surprisingly good results even with those PanaVue slides!