Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Welcome to the Jungle

The date is December 1966, and a lone figure walks through an empty Adventureland. This must be the past! This style of trash can with the yellow “x” was found outside Aunt Jemima’s Restaurant:

Zooming in further we can see the main pathway through Adventureland with the Sunkist “I Presume” refreshment stand on the left (which opened in 1962 and closed thirty years later) and the Jungle Cruise attraction on the right:

At the very back of the shot you can see two hostesses for the Tahitian Terrace Restaurant, with a Kodak Picture Spot marked on the far right. In other words, photos for dummies.

Our 1966 photographer continued stalking this woman and took a second shot of her, this time posing next to the sign for “I Presume.”

That’s quite an assortment of merchandise peeking out behind her at the Bazaar:

Once again the entrance to the Jungle Cruise attraction; you can see the Adventureland themed trash can in this one:

As we flash forward to October 1987, we have a front view of the Jungle Cruise entrance, which still sports the theming of the original attraction:

Closing in, it is much more primitive in style and themed towards native art:

By the time I took this 2015 shot, the native art had been minimized and the building had been themed to go along with the Indiana Jones 1930’s attraction next door:

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Fifthrider said...

I never noticed how every umbrella on the Sunkist patio has different fringe. One of the items in my Adventureland room at home is from a 1963 trip to that gift shop. To this day I have no idea what it is. Although I do miss the old in most cases, I'm all behind the upgrades to the JC building since they felt authentic to the intent, not contrary to it.

Anonymous said...

Having worked good old crowd control back in those days of the original entrance, I have to say that the new structure certainly 'plussed' the attraction beyond anything we would have imagined at the time. What I found surprising when talking with one 'skipper' while I was visiting in late 2017 with my Dad,for his 95th birthday treat, was that the length of the attraction had been shortened by over a minute. When I told the skipper the time frame I had worked there, his immediate reply was...'oh, you did the LONG spiel"! KS

JG said...

Love to see these pictures, Dave. Thank you.

KS, I agree, I think the JC has fared pretty well over the years and the various changes have mostly improved it, especially the tie-in to the Indiana Jones attraction. It all just feels "right" to me now.

Those yellow-X cans appeared to be a NOS pattern, I have seen pictures of that pattern all the way down the Esplanade almost to the Keel Boat landing. There were X patterns in other colors also, pink for sure.

I always loved the bamboo pattern as the best.