Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Temple Tuesday: Shirley’s Next Chapter

This gorgeous color shot of Shirley was from a photo shoot used on the cover of Photoplay magazine for their November 1950 issue:

Get a load of that jewelry!

Shirley was poised to begin a brand new life. Done with films (for the most part) and (almost) divorced, she gave a (fairly) frank interview to Ida Zeitlin (of course you all know who she is!) titled: “Living Is Fun!”

The tears, the heartache are over. The old unhappy drive is gone. In meeting her troubles halfway, Shirley Temple fell head over heels in love—with life.

This was definitely Ida’s chance for a Pulitzer. What did Ida let us know about Shirley? That she was a completely devoted mother to Susan (“Susu”), that she rarely got to bed before 2am (and no, not because she was out on the town), that she loved Hawaii, that she originally wanted to be a nurse, and that she was spending a good amount of time with a handsome dark-haired man named Charles.

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