Thursday, June 07, 2018

Behind the Pillow

Here are a few vintage black and white shots showing Rock Hudson behind-the-scenes of the 1959 romantic comedy classic "Pillow Talk." Unfortunately, no Doris Day in any of these negatives that I just acquired! Here's the star at his dressing room. I knew someone would want to see a closeup of the nameplate.

No, these guys aren't in a mancave. Most likely they're checking out the daily rushes in a studio screening room.

Can't watch the rushes without a cig.

Rock gets walked back to his dressing room. If only the license plate was visible!

Escorted right to the front door. Michael Gordon is quite the gentleman (thanks David at for the ID!).

Doesn't look like Rock wants him to come in though.

"How do I get rid of this guy?!?"

Finally alone, Rock heads out for the evening.

Here are some actual on-set shots. The set-up: Doris Day's housekeeper (expertly played by Thelma Ritter) gets Rock's character stinking drunk while giving him advice on how to get Doris back.

The next day, the hangover hurts real bad.

Tony Randall, playing Rock's best friend, offers a hangover cure...and a bit of gloating that Rock has "lost" the girl. We all know that won't last for long.

Rock is up in the rafters looking at the set below:

Director Michael Gordon just doesn't take a hint. Is it the hangover making Rock upset or the Director who won't go away?

Rock looks even less thrilled about having to dine with him in the Studio Commissary.

Sorry, no clue as to what he is eating.

See more Rock Hudson and "Pillow Talk" photos at my main website.


Anonymous said...

What cool photos - thanks for posting them!

Anonymous said...

I submitted this information yesterday morning but apparently it was lost in the Internet cosmos. Anyway, the gentleman in question is the director of Pillow Talk, Michael Gordon. Fun post, Dave. Thanks!