Thursday, September 14, 2017

Janet Leigh rides the Mine Train, Pt. 1

These vintage images from 1962 show actress Janet Leigh taking her children, Kelly and Jamie Lee, for a visit to Disneyland. Their father (and Janet's hubby), Tony, was filming a sequence from "40 Pounds of Trouble" at the Park.

Here's a cute one of future actress Jamie Lee getting a pat on the head from mom:

Not a huge surprise that Janet was accompanied by a VIP Tour Guide:

Looks like trouble with the kids as Janet creates a few frown lines:

Daughter Kelly: "I don't want to wait in line!"

Looks like the crisis has passed.


Come back as we join the Curtis family aboard the Mine Train!

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Anonymous said...

Back in the day when even most stars of the day would pretty much traverse the park freely with just a VIP Hostess and the occasional security guard in tow. I saw/met a number of them as a result of their being on the attraction I worked. KS