Thursday, September 28, 2017

Politically Incorrect Pirates, April 1974

If you like vintage politically incorrect Disneyland, then this treasure trove should be right up your alley! Take a journey back to April 1974 and enjoy these sequentially presented images that give are probably as close as you're going to get to seeing what the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction looked like in its original incarnation. Shall we begin at Lafitte's Landing?

I had to zoom in for a closeup on this figure:

Join us in the belly of the grotto.

The Captain's Bar:

A closeup of the Marc Davis painting, back when it was probably the real thing.

Captain's Quarters:

There is so much clutter in the scene today; I had never noticed these two small paintings before:

I don't believe they are there anymore.

A dark shot of the treasure room:

The Wicked Wench, back when it was still commandeered by Blackbeard!

Poor Carlos - the eternal dunk.

The Wench Auction scene; the latest piece of Disneyland to come under fire for being offensive.

A closeup of the beloved Red-headed wench:

She doesn't seem to bother the onlookers!

Here is what I believe to be the first part of Pirates that came under fire: The Gluttonous Pirate. I had never noticed that he also held the lady's slipper besides her slip.

Today, you get a treasure map, a key, and Jack Sparrow.

The looting pirates and the hat thief:

The last one of the bunch shows the pistol duel:

I have to say that I am very impressed not only with the quality of these shots, but with the choice of scenes that the photographer chose to document. I doubt I could have done a better job back then with my Polaroid One-Step!

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Fifthrider said...

I never noticed how the clutter creeped into the captain's bed and quarters. It certainly detracts from Marc Davis's gag that intentionally draws your eye to the magnifying glass.

Time to grab a handful of booty! ....then get sent to H-Arrrrrrrr!

Matthew said...

Great post today! I am so impressed that the Pooped Pirate looked so lifelike "back in the day." Everything from his pose, leaning against the barrel, to his head looking down as if to catch his breath, and his red cheeks… just incredible staging.

Today's Gluttonous Pirate Audio-Animatronic seems too cartoon like. One could argue that I’m just older and remember it a certain way… but Daveland you hold the photographic proof. Well Daveland readers… look at the two photos and you tell me which one looks more lifelike.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

MRaymond said...

We’re the real skeletons still in place in 74? These ones still have that ‘old bones’ look.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Work, Dave.

Thank you.


The Disney Dudebro said...

Fun fact: Apparently the skeletons on the original ride were real human skeletons...that is, until they were removed and replaced with fake ones.

Speaking of removal, tis a shame that the famous bride auction scene will be removed. At least we're getting a better replacement with the redhead becoming a gun-toting pirate. A woman exercising her Second Amendment right? Now that is hot! We want the redhead! :D