Monday, September 18, 2017

Janet Leigh rides the Mine Train, Pt. 2

Janet Leigh and family have safely boarded their Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland at Disneyland, circa 1962. Most likely current hubby Tony Curtis was off shooting "40 Pounds of Trouble" nearby.

I wonder what imminent danger Janet was pointing at to daughters Kelly and Jamie Lee?

Back to smiles in this shot:

But Jamie Lee is attempting to cover her ears from something.

With the help of some modern-day technology, we can see 8 consecutive frames from the strip of negatives in sequential motion:

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Chuck said...

Dave, this has been a neat series. I especially appreciate the animated sequence at the end - it helps bring back the spatial relationships of the back side of the Living Desert. While I have clear memories of passing this area on both the NWRR as well as the SF&DLRR, I never saw it from this angle, as I was always looking at the geysers.

Anonymous said...

Dave...this looks like the view directly behind the tender from the operator's position. That last sequence brings back memories for this former operator. Great work! KS

Matthew said...

I'm no Nature's Wonderland buff... but my guess is Janet is pointing to the imminent danger of Beavers in Beaver valley. Just a guess based on location of the roadbed (or track bed) and the train is coming out of a left turn with no trestle in the background and wooded areas still surrounding the train. It's just a guess.

What really caught my attention is just how close the SF&DLRR is to the NWRR track in that portion of the Living Desert. Seems like only a couple of yards separate the two. GREAT WORK DAVE and thanks for sharing.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

Amazon...or she is pointing out those jumping parana in the pond!

Connie Moreno said...

Dave, this is so cool!

nick said...

I can't add anything to the previous posts, but at least I can vote my approval.