Monday, October 03, 2016

The Rose Window

Founded in 1720, The Mission San Jose in San Antonio, Texas, is known as the "Queen of Missions."

During a recent trip for the UCDA Conference, I took a detour so that I could see this amazing property in person.

One of my favorite movies, "Still Breathing," features a key scene shot at this Mission. The two main characters of this romantic piece, Fletcher (Brendan Fraser) and Roz (Joanna Goings), stroll through the grounds and stop at The Rose Window.

Fletcher proceeds to tell Roz the legend of this ornately detailed portal:

"A long time ago there was a craftsman who worked with stone, and he was commissioned by the church to build a window. And he fell in love with a girl who sang in the choir; her name was Rosa. But, before they could get married she became ill and she died. And all he was left with was this window, and he must have spent every waking hour...for years...carving it...for her. And that's why it's called The Rose Window."

When this scene was shot, it was over 100 degrees outside. The story Fletcher tells is identical to the "real legend" told for centuries about this window.

I highly recommend you see this movie, and even more...that you see this Mission in person.

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Unknown said...

I was always familiar with Mission Santa Barbara as "The Queen of the Missions", but 1200 miles and a few years later shows them to be a usurper to the title. Great shots all around.