Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Shirley On The Town

A few vintage shots of Shirley Temple "on the town," beginning with one of her attending the September 1948 premiere of "Johnny Belinda" with her first husband, John Agar. According to the publicity blurb, they went to Ciro's afterwards.

Here's a previously posted interior shot of Ciro's with Ava Gardner and Howard Duff:

Back to Shirley! This 1957 photo was taken by Darlene Hammond in Hollywood and shows Shirley out with husband #2, Charles Black. She was not shy about telling people that he was the "right" one. Looks like they are attending a show; just not sure which one.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we could see the menu and the wine list from Ciro's.


Matthew said...

I love the "WB" patch on the ushers coat. I wonder if this was when studios were allowed the monopoly of making, distributing and screening their own films. A law that was called into question when The Walt Disney Co., purchased the El Capitan Theater.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle