Friday, October 21, 2016

Haunted Hotel

So many hotels across this country claim to be haunted; the Menger in San Antonio is one of the most famous. When I first arrived in town, locals told me about this spirit-filled destination that opened in 1859.

There are supposedly 32 spirits that haunt this little jewel just steps away from the Alamo.

A woman is often spotted sitting in the original lobby wearing an old fashioned blue dress, small wire-framed glasses, and a beret. And she knits. On one occasion a staff member stopped to ask her, "Are you comfortable...may I get you something?", only to be answered with an unfriendly "No” before the woman disappeared. Queue the spooky music.

I wonder if the ghosts pay attention to this sign on the vintage Steinway piano?

Sallie White is the most famous resident ghost. She was a chambermaid who worked at The Menger and one night after an argument with her hubby, she stayed overnight. The next day her husband threatened to kill her, and eventually made good on his claim. The hotel paid for her funeral. Today, Sallie continues to perform her duties within the Victorian wing of the hotel, mainly appearing at night, carrying a load of clean towels. Now that's service!

Many of the ghosts here are attributed to the bloody battle that occurred at the Alamo; others just former guests who don't want to depart this beautiful place. Hey, I think I see the apparition of a photographer's arm in the mirror!

They probably feel at home with these vintage phone booths that still remain. Operator...operator...

The beautiful interior courtyard:

You can definitely find spirits here...just of another sort. Legend has it that Teddy Roosevelt recruited his famous Rough Riders cavalry brigade here in 1898.

According to some, Roosevelt can still be seen having a drink at the bar.

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Darryl said... go to all the cool spots...Only 32 "ghost hosts"?...well THM has that beat by a long shot!

MRaymond said...

We had a friend who worked at the Menger. She told about a ghost who she saw several times in the same room. I wish I could remember her story. The Menger is a fascinating place.

Connie Moreno said...

Ooh I've been wanting to go there for YEARS!