Monday, October 10, 2016

The Picture Spot

Two vintage images showing the Kodak Picture Spot. The younger generation most likely has very little knowledge of what Kodak is/was. Today, they get their photos shot by the new sponsor, Nikon (who just happens to make the camera I use!). First one up is from September 1959, followed by an Adventureland shot from August 1961. I'm guessing this girl wants to be a Disneyland Tour Guide when she grows up!

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stu29573 said...

In my Disneyland '59 DVD, some of the best moments are Kodak ads. They make me want to grab a Kodak and shoot some Super 8 movies!

beachgal said...
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beachgal said...

I had a wardrobe full of madras plaids back then just like these gals of '61. You were 'square' if you didn't sport the important fashion statement of madras plaid. You used to have to wash them initially in salt water to set the colors in the plaids so they didn't bleed into each other.

Anonymous said...

I always liked the Picture Spots, they were well-chosen vantages and a great aid to those of us who couldn't frame a photo on our own. I meant to take a picture from each one, but a comprehensive survey was always "next trip", and now they're all gone.