Monday, October 24, 2016

Back to Vertigo

Time to update a previous post series showing frames from the Hitchcock classic "Vertigo" and comparing them with contemporary shots. Let's begin with shots of the apartment where Kim Novak's character, Judy, lived. The current owners have embraced its history and renamed it "Hotel Vertigo." Last time I saw it, it was the seedy looking York Hotel.

How it looked in the movie:

It was not easy getting this shot on a Saturday night, while avoiding the speeding cars that narrowly avoided hitting me. The things I do to get a photo.

Not too difficult to recognize the Brocklebank Apartments.

The exterior hasn't really changed at all from when Scottie spotted Madeleine (also played by Kim Novak) departing here in her green Jaguar.

The Legion of Honor art museum today:

...and how it looked in the movie:

Madeleine viewing the Portrait of Carlotta in the movie:

...and how the galleries look today inside the Legion of Honor. Same benches?

This nondescript building...

served as the inspiration for Ernie's Restaurant, which formerly resided here.

Hard to tell now, but Hitch's team really did a great job of recreating the exterior (and interior) on a soundstage.

There are still some Vertigo locations that I haven't visited, so it looks like I'll have to head up north again.

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Fifthrider said...

Great pics, congrats on not getting hit. The Hotel Vertigo looks better today.

Janey said...

I did a post similar to this a couple years back, but I couldn't agree more with what you said about the difficulty of getting some shots! Your shots of the hotel are fabulous!!

Tragically, Scotty's apartment has changed so much over the years, I think now it's unrecognizable.

Daveland said...

Hi Janey - I captured Scotty's apartment the first time I went to SF in 2001; based on what I have heard about the changes, I have avoided it!

beachgal said...

I stayed in that Sutter Street hotel in '69 when something happened to my reservations at my normal SF 'digs' down the street, The Marine's Memorial. The club rang up the hotel up the street and booked a room for me there and paid for it - it wasn't deluxe then - but it was safe and kind of clean - not as safe and clean as The Marine's Memorial was. I remember how lumpy my mattress was. I didn't know it had been used by Hitch until the 2nd night I stayed there and the desk clerk told me it's history with the film.

Anonymous said...

I drove through the eucalyptus grove near the mission just yesterday and thought about the movie. Thanks for these pics, Dave.