Monday, October 17, 2016

Chicken of the Sea Medley

Today I realized I have a backlog of COTS images that I have not posted yet - yikes! Here we go, beginning with an undated gem showing this gorgeous handcrafted lamp. Guessing this one is from 1956 based on another one in the same batch.

This 1956 shot shows the view from the other side of the ship. Casey is in operation and Storybookland looks like it's in its infancy.

Still working on those mountains!

A shot from dry land, also from 1956.

How about a close-up of the Mickey Mouse Club Theatre's Welch's Juice Bar?

This undated 1950s shot...

yields some fun closeups, beginning with a Disneyland shopping bag:

and handcrafted signage. Sigh.

More vintage Disneyland Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship shots at my main website.

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Stu29573 said...

To me, the greatest loss of the New Fantasyland Project was the the Pirate ship and cove. I have heard the the stories about how the "ship" was damaged while being moved, but they don't ring true to me. They knew it was actually a building that would need to be deconstructed and then reconstructed, so the idea that they were trying to move it as a unit makes little sense. I think it is more likely that it didn't fit into the new "vision" and was considered expendable.
So sad.

beachgal said...

Was never my choice of places to eat - I had tuna sands all the time - and every other week on Friday we had tuna noodle casserole. I think I was on it to look around in the first years it was there and after that, sort of forgot it - but it was a good meeting place out in front - you always could spot it from those red and white sails.

Fifthrider said...

I have a lifelong hatred of tuna thanks to this ship, but I loved the ship and the skull cove. There's nothing quite like a tuna sandwich with mayo then hopping on a spinning tea cup or Dumbo. Some theme parks foods stay put, others need little encouragement to come back up.