Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Shirley Buys A Dress

Child star and politician Shirley Temple was married twice, and she made bones about number one (John Agar in 1945) being a bad choice and number two (Charles Black in 1950) being the best thing since sliced bread. Because of her film fame though, the first wedding was the one that made the huge splash as America bemoaned how the curly haired moppet could ever be old enough to get married.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF., SEPT. 10 - - SHIRLEY SHOPS FOR WEDDING DRESS. Shirley Temple, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. George Temple, leaves a dressmaking shop here today after picking out her wedding dress. The young screen actress will become the bride of Sgt. John Agar sometime between Sept. 15 and 22, depending on when Agar is granted a furlough.

And here's a professional photo by the Curtis Studios of LA showing how the blushing bride looked:

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Darryl R said...

Funny (and now sad) how "back in the day' women didn't have first names..."her mother, Mrs. George Temple".

I would imagine it did cause a stir to think of her getting married..I bet it was the same with Annette.

Major Pepperidge said...

Sometimes child stars grow up and lose their cuteness, but Shirley was a real beauty.