Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shirley at Home, 1949

This staged publicity shot shows Shirley Temple at home with her first husband, John "Jack" Agar. From the publicity blurb:

Jack is prepared to put another log on the fire as Shirley shows him Susan's new blue robe. They call this wood paneled alcove their living room.

Since daughter Susan was born January 30, 1948; the photo is stamped January 4, 1948. Most likely this shot is from 1949 instead. Once you're done doing the math, check out the Stork Club ashtray in this detailed view:

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DrGoat said...

John Agar was in a couple of my favorite 'B" movies. The Brain from Planet Aros and Attack of the Puppet people. Thought it was odd when I found out he was married to Shirley Temple, but now, not so much. He was a good looking guy.