Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Cutout A Day: Davy Crockett

Last one of this series shows the Davy Crockett cutout. Looks like the Frontierland hero has his name in lights; painted lights at least. I love the little boy's expression as he stares into the bear's gnashing teeth!

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Fifthrider said...

Although the Nemo is my personal favorite, this one is especially odd with the little boy's face and expression. I feel like maybe somewhere there's a little boy with Fess Parker's head.

Anonymous said...

Considering the popularity of Davey Crockett at the time, he's probably thrilled to be pictured as him. I bet there was quite a waiting line of kids behind me! KS

beachgal said...

And then that kid went over to the gift shop in Frontier Land and had his mom buy a coonskin cap and a rubber knife for him while she tried to convince him to save his money and buy something in the rock/mineral store!