Wednesday, September 14, 2016


A celebration of photos of the long-lasting Disneyland transportation staple, the Monorail. First we begin with a trio of images from year one, 1959. The outfits people wear are just as fun as seeing the Park itself.

The Red Monorail peaks into view in this October 1959 image:

Too far away?

Let's zoom in for a better look in this image that also hails from October 1959.

Another October 1959 gem:

The closeup would make a great photo all on its own.

Moving into the swinging sixties, we have one of the Blue Monorail from July 1961:

And a Yellow Monorail shot from May 1963:

Is it still in operation today? You betcha'!

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Fifthrider said...

That shot of the yellow in front of the Matterhorn is great. I really miss the driver's bubble on top. Without that it feels like some of the iconic edge is gone.

Anonymous said...

The Monorail Yellow would be so great without the lady rubbing her nose.

@Fifthrider, agreed. The dome was a classic design element of that era, all the exotic future cars and spaceships had them and they are sadly missed. I always thought as a kid that when I was old I would drive a car like the Silhouette >>

Never got one.


Darryl R said...

I that lady is rubbing her eyes due to her husbands wacky colored hat!

Anonymous said...

I always loved monorail yellow. It seems so rare in pictures.


Fifthrider said...

That hat... How did I miss that HAT?!