Monday, July 25, 2016

Less Than Marvel-ous News

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror holds a very important place in Disney California Adventure history as its first real "A-List" attraction for guests of the Disneyland Resort. Previously, the entire DCA Park was a snoozer that generated very little (positive) buzz. Even though my stomach does not usually do well with drop rides, this is one that I made an exception for. The thematic detailing of the line queue rivals that of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure. With the recent announcement that the Tower would be completely redone as a Marvel attraction (no comment other than the title of the post), I decided to make today's post a virtual ride-through.

The lobby has always been my favorite part; so much to see, and so little time to observe it. I could happily saunter through this part of the line queue for a few hours noticing all of the little details.

Where you would have checked-in if it were 1929.

A personal favorite: the vintage Shirley Temple doll and Oz book.

The elevator directory:

Off to the library; will it be the one on the left...

or the right?

Either way, you get to see Rod Serling on the television:

It doesn't look good for this group of 1929 Hollywood elite.

The boiler room is another personal favorite, with its eerie lighting and abundance of props:

Before you know it, your elevator is ready:

The unsuspecting group:

Hard to tell which one is me, right?

Whoa...where'd we go?

You shouldn't get off the elevator just yet:

A closer view of what's outside the hotel room doors:

The Hollywood elite have returned in a ghostly form:

And now it's time to say goodbye...

A comparative view from the top; September 2006:

How it looks now; be sure to click on this wide panorama shot:

And finally, you get to exit the attraction.

Ever notice this under the stairs?

If you want to check-in to the Hollywood Tower Hotel one more time, you have until early 2017. The "new" Guardians of the Galaxy version will be opening Summer 2017.

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stu29573 said...

It's sad that Disney thinks it has to retheme a classic. Why not build something new? Heck, tie it in with Star Wars Land somehow...Sigh...

Fifthrider said...

It feels like whenever Disney comes up with an original A-list hit of an idea for an attraction, someone else can't wait to tear it down and/or repurpose it as a mediocre shell of it's former self.

I have to MARVEL at the judgment they have.

...I'll show myself to the door now.

Major Pepperidge said...

The Hollywood Tower of Terror is one of the best things at DCA. The thought of it being changed to a Guardians of the Galaxy theme feels like a mistake. Feels like Disney is chasing Universal Studios' lead, wanting attractions based on recent popular movies. I blame Joe Rhode's earring.

Edward Allen said...

Haven't you wanted to stay in a hotel like that? I have. It would be cool if they built an actual hotel for guests that use all of the themes and style idioms of the Tower attraction. I heard another upscale Disney hotel is in the works, but no way would they do it in 1920s - 1930s style.


Thanks for a great entry today, Dave. Much appreciated and much enjoyed.

K. Martinez said...

Dave, I was going to mention to you that you'd better start snapping more pics of TOT because it's good-bye to the Twilight Zone.

I can understand fans not being happy with this news but I'm okay with it being converted to GotG. The definitive Tower of Terror is in Florida anyway. Yes, the lobby and boiler room are beautiful but I've never formed any attachment to this attraction. And I never cared for the exterior of this version of TOT. The protruding boxy extensions at the top of the tower containing the ride-mechanisms kills the illusion of it being a hotel. WDW did a much better job of disguising it. DCA's TOT is a budget version of DHS's TOT.

I'm also excited about Disney finally doing something with their Marvel IPs on the west coast. I say make that corner of DCA Marvelous. I'm looking forward to see what develops.

Anonymous said...

This has been rumored for some time, the announcements I have read have hinted at a Marvel makeover of some further part of California Adventure.

I've always thought the exterior was ungainly and un-believable, in that it didn't resemble any kind of building from that era, much less a hotel in any era, but the overall idea and interior theming is outstanding. I liked the inversion of the Haunted Mansion aesthetic, where the exterior is as decrepit as the interior.

Oh well.


Fifthrider said...

I truly wish all this Marvel stuff could just go into a 3rd gate.

Marvel & Star Wars land ( aka - LicenseLand )

Ed Schilling said...

why not just change the name of the whole place to "cartoonland"? thats what it is turning into. disney cant think of anything original anymore; they have to buy franchises and cash in on that. and to change tower of terror for something as lame and useless and marvel comics... we'll i dont know... if i were walt, i would be turning in my grave now...