Monday, July 11, 2016

Kids Not Included

We've all see vintage photos of the cut-outs that were once located in Central Plaza at Disneyland. Today's shot features a classic image of a guest posing with Donald Duck. What I've never seen before is the sign in the lower right frame of the photo that states: "FREE Use your own camera and kids. Compliments of the Art Corner at Disneyland."

The other shot from this batch shows the Captain Nemo cutout:

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K. Martinez said...

Wasn't Kodak a sponsor of Disneyland? I'm sure they'd want to encourage guest to snap away. That means more sales at the camera shop. It's too bad they don't bring back these photo op cut-outs permanently. I like them.

What I always get a kick out of is seeing people take pics of their own on-ride pics of Space Mountain or Splash Mountain instead of buying them at the counter. Ha! Thanks, Dave.

Fifthrider said...

"Use your own camera and kids"? Well, my own camera sure. ...Can't I borrow someone else's kids?