Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Trip to Sedona, Pt. 1

In an attempt to shake the bad mojo from the last year, I have been doing quite a bit of travel, and quite frankly, I am exhausted. One of my more relaxing trips was to Sedona, Arizona. The hotel of choice was the Amara Resort and Spa. The property was beautiful; I could not have been more pleased with this selection.


or night, this resort featured spectacular views.

The room was spacious, clean, and well appointed.

Hotels really tempt you with the over-priced snacks; this one had a "lover's intimacy kit." Huh. I guess that could help you work up a hunger for that bag of chips.

Salt Rock was the name of the in-house restaurant that featured tasty food…

but we also enjoyed its margaritas and other original cocktails.

They made us very happy.

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DrGoat said...

I live down in Tucson. We used to go to Sedona regularly in the
60s-70s. Haven't been since it became what it is today.

Matthew said...

Great post. Keep those vacation photos coming! Have fun!!!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

stu29573 said...

I was expecting Salt Rock to be the in-house band...which I still think it should be!