Monday, July 18, 2016

Hondo Hattie Overhead, 1965

In celebration of Disneyland in Anaheim's 61st anniversary of when it was open to the general public (aka average Joe Schmoe), here is an overhead shot of the Jungle Cruise attraction from June 1965. Here's the accompanying publicity blurb:

TWELVE BUSLOADS of Oregonian Junior Dealers are scheduled to arrive in Disneyland this month during a five-day vacation which also includes visits to Mainland, Pacific Ocean Park and a big league baseball game. The boys are selling subscriptions now to earn the trip. Photo shows Disneyland launch navigating past menacing crocodiles toward a tottering archway.

A closeup of the crocodiles and the Hondo Hattie:

Hattie is still in operation; at least it was when I shot this one in 2007:

I'm surprised Honda hasn't taken over sponsorship of this attraction; then they could rename the boat Honda Hattie.

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K. Martinez said...

The first archway, killer crocs, Cambodian ruins and elephant god Ganesha captured all in one shot. I love it! This used to be my favorite view of the Jungle Cruise which could be had from the "Jungle Lookout" on the Swiss Family Treehouse of which this photo was probably taken.

BTW, I think should become the attraction's sponsor. Just imagine! Belle!

Thanks Dave.

Patrick Devlin said...

It's a funny joke but I think you're a little too close to the mark there, Ken, for me to laugh. You can just make out the rock work for the Elephant Pool showers through the tress above.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Amazon. I was going to guess that Gordon's Gin should sponsor since that was Bogart's tipple in the film.

Chiquita bananas might be a runner-up.