Friday, April 08, 2016

Boy Scouts at Disneyland, 1959

Sorry for the rushed post, but hopefully this April 1959 image is good enough to suffice for today (while I am out taking other images!). I am sure many of you are jealous of these Boy Scouts being able to pour over these vintage Disneyland attraction posters at the entrance to the Park.

Mom doesn't seem to be quite as excited.

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DrGoat said...

Those are Cub Scouts. I know that outfit well. Was one
back in the 50s. Those scouts are lucky. We got a trip
to the Rainbow Bakery here in Tucson.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant "posters," not photos.

K. Martinez said...

The image(s) are fine today. Posters, photos, whatever! It's "The Disneyland News" souvenir stand that's got my interest. Any chance of a zoom-in of that? Or is it too far back to get anything out of it? And there's the wonderful eucalyptus trees between Adventureland and Town Square. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

It's classic Cub Scouts, clustering around the poster with the icky Giant Squid. "OOH, look at the suckers! It's gonna eat you Herbie!"

In a moment, they will all scatter to find something to throw rocks at.

It's a law of nature, let a scout out of a car and in under 90 seconds, he will find a rock and throw it at something to try to break it.

(Former Scoutmaster, 14 years service)

Anonymous said...

Still have my Cub Scout shirt and scarf. Same vintage too! KS

Fifthrider said...

Likewise, I still have my cub scout uniform and my trusty bag of rocks. I brought them to Disneyland once hoping to find photos but all I found were posters and people who thought I was a boy scout. My day was ruined.

But hey, that new watermark font is sure spiffy. Digging that.

MRaymond said...

Scout day was always a good excuse to go to Disneyland. Walt Disney was smart, all the loose rocks were made of foam rubber.

Dave DeCaro said...

Ken - The photo is a bit blurry, otherwise I would have zoomed in on the news stand too; not worth the effort.

Bryan - Thanks for noticing! Glad you like.