Monday, April 04, 2016

Cox Pilot Tribute

Quite awhile back I was excited and saddened by the acquisition of this 1958 shot showing the Flight Circle in Tomorrowland.

Although the closeup is grainy, I thought it might actually show Lee, aka Cox Pilot. He was one of the first followers of my blog to contribute information on what it was like to work at the Park in the early years. He generously supplied photos, memories, and encouragement. When he passed away a few years back, it was very sad to lose his kindness and generosity. Typically when I got an image like this I immediately emailed it to him excitedly waiting his commentary.

Just this week, I received these two images from April 1959 of the Flight Circle.

With this closeup I am almost positive that Lee is the one standing next to the boy in the red hat:

Compare with this shot of Lee:

A close-up of the Thimble Drome logo:

This second image from the same batch shows Lee from the back:

This shot has the added bonus of showing construction of the Matterhorn:

More Flight Circle photos at my main website.

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stu29573 said...

I miss Cox Pilot's insights too and was shocked and saddened when he passed away. Thanks for the "on the job" views today! It almost as if we have him back!

K. Martinez said...

Wonderful remembrance to Cox Pilot. I surely miss his contributions and insight into the park's early years as well. There are some aspects of original Tomorrowland that are just so retro cool. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

A nice additional tribute to Cox Pilot. I too miss his extensive memories of the 'early Disney days'. It's up to us to keep his remembrances alive now. KS

beachgal said...

The flight circle was kind of fun, except for the smell, and my mom would have said the noise!

DrGoat said...

Thanks for the memories. I remember Cox Pilot as we were
into Cox airplanes. Had a Flying Tiger which took a beating.
PS I like the smell of Cox flight fuel beachgal. Takes me back.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to get these pics.

I sure miss Cox Pilot too.

I'm sure he was on duty when I visited the Flight Circle as a five year old, but I can't remember his face, just a really tall guy.

Thank you Dave!


PWover50 said...

Glad to know it was you I was bidding against for these wonderful slides, as you share what you acquire to the benefit of all. Fantastic shots of a true gentleman, with the added bonus of the Matterhorn being constructed. As always, I so appreciate your work. Thank you!