Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ride Thru: small world holiday

If you are missing the holidays, then this post is for you. If not...come back tomorrow! Today I am featuring a chronological ride-thru of it's a small world: the holiday version. I typically avoid this attraction like the plague, as the Sherman Brothers' memorable tune stays in my brain for days. However, for the sake of my niece, I made a sacrifice. Hope you appreciate!

Our VIP Tour Guide pointed out this Hidden Mickey:

The Mary Blair-styled figures:

Yup: it's 2016!

One of the controversial Disney animated characters that was added a few years back. To me, the whole thing was a tempest in a teapot.

Looks like I missed both lists.

Marc Davis' influence can be seen in these animals:

The Three Caballeros:

A tribute to Lilo & Stitch:

Zooming in I noticed this Elvis figurine for the first time:

The rainforest scene has survived:

Woody and the Americana scene; the one sloppy area on this attraction that just does not fit.

Peace on Earth: a message that should be followed year-round.

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DrGoat said...

The Three Caballeros, my favorite.

K. Martinez said...

I love "it's a small world" and the Sherman Brothers' tune. The whole Disney character thing's no big deal to me. I still watch videos from time to time looking for the various Disney characters. I guess for some, the Temple of Mary Blair was desecrated. Never noticed the Elvis before. That's pretty funny! Thanks, Dave.

Fifthrider said...

"Woody and the Americana scene; the one sloppy area on this attraction that just does not fit." AGREED! Man, they really phoned that one in. Who signed off on that and thought it worked? Today's creations feel like half-hearted attempts to emulate the past without understanding what kind of work went into it. ( I'm looking at you, new Ghostbusters car. )

I'm not sure if I understand any reason for controversy with (what appears to be) Cinderella and mice Jaq and Gus. Am I missing something here?

Dave DeCaro said...

Bryan - Have you already forgotten the uproar when the Disney characters were introduced to the attraction a few years back? If so...that's ok. Most people have forgotten, too...as they should.