Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas at The Club Pt. 1

What better place at Disneyland to get into the Christmas spirit than Club 33? Out in New Orleans Square, the angel is looking over the guests; how many look up to see her?

Inside the misplaced window above Cafe Orleans you can see a Christmas wreath in side the Club where a fireplace once stood.

Once inside the Court of Angels (oh, how I have missed you), you can see all kinds of Christmas ornamentation.

Poinsettias add a nice splash of red.

Tinker Bell in the lantern looks much better at night.

Inside Le Salon Nouveau, aka The Jazz Lounge, more Christmas trees and Christmas bedazzlement await.

The Carolers were fantastic; they took requests and really plussed up the evening.

I ordered my new favorite beverage from the Hotel Marceline-themed cocktail menu.

I had never heard of a Throws & Maskers before!

How about a branded cup of Club 33 java?

I love the cool purplish lighting of the bar.

And the ghostly clarinet player.

This time I steadied my hand…

and got an improved shot of the hidden Darth Vader.

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Fifthrider said...

Extremely cool pics. Loving the ingredients of a Throws and Maskers. Looks like the same carolers I ran into last year, they perform as a group VERY tightly.

Only recently did I find out what whenever the clarinet or coronet players appear on the mantle, they disappear out of the portrait on the south wall. I didn't know the two correlated. That coffee leaves me a little envious.

Cruise ship interior or not, I'm sincerely glad you got in and could see it all again. Savor these times, if Disney continues at this rate this room may be a gift shop another 10+ years from now.

Chuck said...

Trying to figure out how to brand a cup of java. Wouldn't the coffee cool the iron? Or maybe that's how they heat the liquid.

Maybe I'm overthinking this...

Daveland said...

Chuck - Not talking about cattle and the west; branding as far as marketing.

Bryan - Although I miss the old 33, the service seems to have improved since my visit in May.

K. Martinez said...

Dave, It sort of does look like the "33" is a branding mark. You sure that wasn't dead cow skin on top of your coffee. Mmmmmm delicious!

Matthew said...

Wonderful photos... and yes, I miss the Court of Angeles too. What I appreciated was your close up of the painting. I find it interesting that there is a hidden Darth Vader next to a Trojan Warrior. Huh? I wonder if the artist was attempting to pay tribute to both George and USC (his alma mater). Maybe that's my USC bias sneaking in.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

Do you know if there is a name for that piece of art? It looks like something out of Cinderella.