Friday, June 29, 2007

Dec. 27, 1970: The Lost Polaroids

On March 16, I posted photos from my first Disneyland trip (12/27/70), aka Holy Grail Friday. Last week my brother let me borrow the Polaroids that he shot, dismissing them as not that great. I thought they were purty darn good, especially considering the fact that they were Polaroids and over 30 years old. A few were too dark to post, but most of them turned out great. The first one is me at the entrance with Donald Duck, holding my INA sponsored brochure. Pic 2 is with my cousins outside Small World.

Pic 3 is probably my favorite; a nice shot of the Mine Train pulling into Rainbow Ridge. Way to go brother Jim!

Of course, no day would be complete without a castle shot. Dig the mod 70's poncho on the little girl at left!

Today’s final photo shows Tom Sawyer Island taken from the Mark Twain, w/a crowd of people outside the Haunted Mansion, which is a little over a year old at this point.

On another note, this morning I read that the Disney Blog was celebrating 3 years; this got me thinking about my own blog. So, I checked the date of my first post, and I missed my 1 year anniversary: June 4, 2006. At the time I wrote my first post, I considered myself a big Disneyland fan; since that day, my knowledge and my appreciation of the park has increased many times over. I’d like to thank the many people who have left comments (most of them positive and extremely informative) and of course the Major & Matterhorn for their FANTASTIC blogs. It has been a year of great fun and learning. Here’s to another year of vintage Disneyland photos! For more vintage & current Disneyland photos, visit my regular website.


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I am jealous of your photos from your first family took zillions of photos, but they apparently left their cameras home when we went to Disneyland.

MANY congratulation on one year (plus!) of amazing posts, thanks for sharing!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

More great Family Treasures, Thanks for Sharing! These Polaroid’s have survived nicely. Did you have to adjust the color? (My old Polaroid’s have turned reddish) Great depth of field in the one with your cousins! Neat shots all the way around! HAPPY ONE YEAR! I too have learned much from you and of course Major & Matterhorn. Keep up the great work; we all appreciate your time and effort! Tim

Adam Hazlett said...

Has it been a year already? Nicely done! You run like 4 blogs now! Great Work! I check in daily! Thank you for you efforts!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Awww- you are making me blush! Great images as usual. Family photos are some of the best finds. My family did not take a lot of photos, but I do have some from various visits over the years. Happy One Year!

Daveland said...

Major - I do feel your pain. The "roll" of photos that my mom took amounted to just a handful. Today, I can't imagine going to Disneyland and only taking 8 photos or less. Still, I am grateful for what she and my brother took, and especially that I was able to get the negatives from my mom's batch. Again - thanks to all of you for the great commentary and help!

FoxxFur said...

What a beautiful shot of Tom Sawyer Island with Haunted Mansion in the background... and look at the line to get in!!

Happy Blogiversary, Dave.