Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Christmas in June, pt. 2

First off is a nice uncrowded shot of the Castle, undated, but I believe to be 1957. As olddisneylandfan commented the other day, I also prefer the simple, almost homemade decorations from the past. Shot 2 is also undated, featuring a few decorations and my fave MS vehicle, the Omnibus.

Now, back to June...June gloom to be more precise. This poor gal from June 1958 is probably staying out of the rain in the doorway to Tomorrowland/Snow White’s Wishing Well at the Castle. Personally, I like the rain at Disneyland; cleans out the amateurs and reduces the wait for rides.

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Major Pepperidge said...

About five years ago I went to Disneyland, and it rained a lot. I was bummed because I had planned it for a long time and even took a vacation day to go! Many rides were down for a few hours (some electrical mishap), so my girlfriend and I ate a quiet brunch in Frontierland...the park was SO empty. Finally we could see that they were testing Big Thunder, and we went out and had a fantastic day at Disneyland!

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

Some of my favorite times in ALL of the Disney parks have been during rainy times.

I'm not exactly sure when DCA first opened, but I was an AP back then (not yet a cast member) and as I recall there was a lot of rainy days just after it opened, my brain thinks this was Februray or March - and we had the place (seemingly) to ourselves a LOT. (Not that that hasn't often been the case for many in DCA.) It was nice having a new Disney park in California to roam around in and explore with very few other guests around.

I've been in the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom when the rains have sent the faint of heart scurrying away too. Being alone (as in FAMILY FREE) at the Magic Kingdom in Florida and watching it nearly empty in the middle of the afternoon on a muggy late summer day is one of the best times I've ever had in a Disney park. For about 3 hours I crissed and crossed and waited in no lines for more than a minute or two. I "drank my fill" as it were.

But there's nothing like Disneyland on a rainy Tuesday morning in early February! I promise myself to do it every year, but I've only done it once.

And standing in the center of Main Street U.S.A. in front of the Cinema with no one between me and the castle?


Thanks Dave. The peeking CM at the castle reminds me of that day.