Wednesday, June 20, 2007

March 1956 Series Pt. 3 & Plea for the OC!

Today’s shots from March 1956 show (once again) a much less crowded Disneyland than the one of today; both are from Adventureland. First view is the iconic arch, the second is the backside of the Plaza Pavilion; what would eventually become the Tahitian Terrace restaurant:

PLEA FOR THE OC! Chris Jepsen of the Orange County Archives is putting out the word that they are looking for images showing the tile murals from the Orange County/John Wayne Airport that were removed back in the 1990’s. The tiles still exist, but are pretty much in puzzle form; thus the need for images of the entire mural. If you can help, email Chris at Chris is also on the lookout for any other OC Historical images/ephemera you might be willing to donate to the archives.

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Chris Merritt said...

That is an amazing mural! Hope they can put it back together!