Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Temple Tuesday: The Coat & Beanie Craze, Pt. 2

Finally, part two of the Coat and Beanie Craze post! Melissa (aka “The Colonel”) did the legwork to collect all of the instances that Shirley wore this type of clothing combo in her films. The first instance is from 1936’s, “Stowaway.” Shirley goes to Reno to prevent her adopted parents from getting a divorce. The judge (J. Edward Bromberg) is more than happy to assist her! As she turns away to go to the judge’s chambers, we can see the feathers that adorn her little beanie. This movie costume is one that didn’t surface in the 2015 Theriault’s auction, “Love, Shirley Temple.”

Two coat and beanie combos appear in “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” (1938). The first one has apparently disappeared over the years.

As Rebecca (Shirley) is ripped away from Sunnybrook Farm by her scheming stepfather (William Demarest), she sports this cute hat and beanie:

The coat came to auction, but sadly no beanie. From the auction catalog description:

ROSF: SILK DRESS, FLOWER DESIGN, COAT, WORN BY SHIRLEY TEMPLE IN "REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM" Lot Number: 456 The navy blue silk crepe dress has hidden front closure which opens to hidden pleats below the waist, and with two matching hidden pleat insets at the front and a gathered back, all allowing for easy and fluid movement. The inset color is a rich ecru which matches the two applique wildflowers, the piping, and the ecru covered decorative buttons. The dress has original studio label of 5349. Along with a woolen coat of matching color with white silk faille collar and piping. Generally excellent, back of coat collar a bit darkened. Included are two vintage photographs of Shirley wearing the costume. The costume was worn by Rebecca (Shirley Temple) in the 1938 film "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm". Realized Price: $8,500 Presale Estimate: 3000+

This is also the outfit that initially inspired my two posts! I was able to photograph the coat when it was on display at the Santa Monica History Museum:

As her character leaves the orphanage in “Little Miss Broadway” (1938), Shirley wears this beautiful coat and beanie.

From the auction description:

WEDGWOOD-BLUE WOOLEN COAT WITH SAWTOOTH ACCENTS WORN BY SHIRLEY TEMPLE AT EVENTS Lot Number: 325 Of a rich wedgewood-blue color, the lightweight woolen coat with self-covered buttons features suit lapels of ivory silk faille, and is decorated with vertical bands of dark blue sawtooth-shaped appliques.The coat was worn by Shirley Temple for various social and publicity events in the late 1930s. Realized Price: $4,250 Presale Estimate: 500+

It isn’t long before Shirley has another costume change into (what else?) a coat and beanie. This one is worn during the “We Should Be Together” number with George Murphy.

This time, the beanie hat was included in the 2015 auction!

BLUE WOOLEN COAT WITH COLLAR, HANDKERCHIEF, BERET WORN BY SHIRLEY IN "LITTLE MISS BROADWAY" Lot Number: 323 The blue woolen double-breasted coat has a fine Belgian lace collar, breast pocket with lace-edged hankie, and two pockets with flaps. Along with a blue woolen beret. Included are two vintage photographs of Shirley Temple wearing the costume. The costume was worn by Betsy (Shirley Temple) in the 1938 film "Little Miss Broadway", notably in the song and dance routine "We Should Be Together" with George Murphy, and on various publicity occasions. Realized Price: $6,250 Presale Estimate: 3000+ 

As Shirley attempts to escape the truant officer, she wears combo #3!

BROWN WOOLEN COAT WORN BY SHIRLEY TEMPLE FOR PUBLICITY EVENTS Lot Number: 551 Of woven brown wool, with double-breasted construction, side-slit pockets and wide lapels, the richly lined coat is trimmed with two amusing lapel pins depicting Tyrolean style figures. The coat was worn by Shirley Temple for various publicity events including a promotion for the Los Angeles Railway Co., of which a vintage photograph is included. Realized Price: $1,700 Presale Estimate: 500+

Could there possibly be a fourth combo? You betcha’!

BROWN CASHMERE WOOLEN COAT WORN BY SHIRLEY TEMPLE IN THE 1938 FILM "LITTLE MISS BROADWAY" Lot Number: 326 Of light brown cashmere wool, the silk-satin lined coat features nine self-covered buttons that extend down the front, dainty rounded collar, curved collar with flap covers, and decorative leaf-shaped trapunto quilting at the front and back shoulders and sleeves. Generally excellent, a few tiny moth holes. Included is a vintage photograph of Betsy (Shirley Temple) wearing the coat from the 1938 film "Little Miss Broadway", notably as Betsy escapes from the orphanage to help save the Hotel Variety, hitching a ride on the bike handlebars of the newspaper delivery boy. Realized Price: $4,750 Presale Estimate: 1000+

This fifth ensemble is worn in the courtroom scene, and also shows up in the publicity photos taken during Eleanor Roosevelt’s visit to 20th Century-Fox:

FINE COUTURIER COAT WORN BY SHIRLEY TEMPLE IN PUBLICITY PHOTOGRAPHS Lot Number: 103 Of finest midnight-blue wool with very narrow pinstripes, the tapered coat has reverse stripe six-button placket front, three petite flap pockets, ivory silk faille collar with knife-cut lapels and detachable matching yoke with toggle button closure, silk faille fold-up cuffs. Generally excellent. The coat is tagged "13809 Temple" indicating it may have appeared in a late 1930s/early 1940s film, and definitely was used by Shirley Temple in a number of publicity photographs, including this in which Hedda Hopper is shown signing Shirley's autograph book. In addition to Shirley Temple’s use of the coat in publicity photographs, she also wore the coat in “Little Miss Broadway” while singing “Thank You For the Use of the Hall”. Realized Price: $3,500 Presale Estimate: 500+

“Just Around the Corner” (1938) only has one coat and beanie:

Again, another instance where the beanie has disappeared!

BLUE BOUCLE WOOLEN COAT WORN BY SHIRLEY TEMPLE IN THE 1938 FILM "JUST AROUND THE CORNER" Lot Number: 462 Of powder blue boucle wool, the faux double-breasted coat has self-covered buttons, curve-shaped pockets (one with lace handkerchief), striped silk faille collar and cuffs, and blue silk crepe lining. The coat has original studio inventory number 14714. Included are two vintage photographs of Shirley Temple wearing the coat, once with her co-stars of the 1938 film, and once in a publicity photograph as she was arriving to serve as Grand Marshall of the 1939 Tournament of Roses Parade. The costume was worn by Penny (Shirley Temple) in opening scenes of the 1938 film "Just Around the Corner" as she arrives at the Riverview to find she no longer lives in the penthouse, but rather in a basement apartment. The costume designer for the film was Gwen Wakeling. Realized Price: $5,000 Presale Estimate: 1000+

My very favorite coat and beanie worn by Shirley is from her final film at Fox, “Young People” (1940). Unfortunately, this one has also apparently disappeared over the years.

One can hope that the missing beanies and other ensembles are squirreled away in somebody’s closet/drawer, waiting to be discovered!

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Fifthrider said...

That's rather sad about the beanies and coats being separated. They just seem like an ensemble item that would be kept together, like a pair of gloves.

Daveland said...

Agreed - still hoping that they surface one day!