Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Storybook Land with Jayne

Jayne’s back and this time she’s departing one of the Storybook Land boats at Disneyland. Radio and TV personality Art Linkletter is assisting her off the boat. Husband Mickey Hargitay is on the left, and some poor guy on the right with his head turned has the duty of taking care of Jayne’s mink coat.

I had never noticed male cast members on this attraction before, especially in the outfit with the sash. So…I looked at my collection and sure enough, there they are:

In the background you can see the tents from the Mickey Mouse Club Circus:

While looking at my collection, I also re-stumbled upon this behind-the-scenes shot of some of the Storybook boats; perhaps taken from the Disneyland Railroad? The date is October 1956, which is too early for the Viewliner.

Zooming in for a closer look at the Cinderella boat:

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Nanook said...

In the last image, I'm gonna guess that 'box-on-a-pole' is what amounts to a gas pump to fuel the original outboard engines that powered the boats. On the other hand - I thought those engines were replaced with electric motors by 1956, so I may be full of it. A great shot, no matter what. (I wonder what the qualifications are for "mink coat duty"...)