Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Return to Ferndell

A few years back I did a post on a little-known spot in Griffith Park called Ferndell, which, depending upon where you look, is also referred to as two words, Fern Dell. I usually go with the official signage, seen below from my last journey there in 2014. And yet, the official website calls it “Fern Dell.” These are the things that keep me up at night.

It is a magical somewhat hidden spot near the entrance that provides guests with some shade and a verdant journey that transports you to a tropical paradise. Am I still in L.A.? I love the vintage 1950 image of the happy lady relaxing, yet still decked out in high heels.

From the official website:

More than 50 fern species thrive among select tropical plants and flowers along this shady, winding trail. Located near the Western Canyon entrance.

I really need to go back.

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Janey said...

I just went there for the first time last month. It is so enchanting! Plus a nice respite from the sun!

This vintage photo is absolutely darling! I love her look!

Daveland said...

Janey - It makes me miss the days when even a casual outing called for thoughtful fashion!

Fifthrider said...

I love that it's still maintained and not just a memory. Also, one word "Ferndell" certainly rolls nicer than two.