Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Disneyland Hotel Monorail, July 1963

I’m a sucker for those alternate angles. Yes, I have photos of the Monorail as well as the station located at the Disneyland Hotel, but this particular angle...nope. Didn’t have it. For what a jaunt it is now to get to the Disneyland Hotel at its present location, it’s hard to believe it was ever so close. This image taken from the parking lot shows a cast member assisting guests into the Monorail:

It also appears that the major airlines had offices at the hotel, too. Makes sense! Apparently American had the preferential treatment with a location in the lobby.

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Fifthrider said...

Extremely grateful that I was able to board/disboard the monorail from this station at least once in my life.

Anonymous said...

For convenience, as a CM, I picked up a ticket or two at the hotel airline counters after a shift. Who'd think we'd end up being our own travel agents today. KS

Anonymous said...

Could be a rare sighting of Monorail Green? or is it blue?

I remember those airline counters very well. I think I went in one for something, but it must be a false memory since we never flew to Disneyland.

I do remember working with travel agents. I must have been about 14 and my Dad made me arrange the whole family cruise trip to Alaska, including hotels and air transfers. His theory was that it was good experience for me, and he checked everything I did twice.

Remember the odd bright red "carbon" sheet on the airlines tickets?

And now it's all on your phone.


Anonymous said...

Oh duh, I see the photo is from 1963, must be blue monorail then.