Thursday, October 11, 2018

Early Opera House

This June 1958 shot shows the Main Street Opera House before it really had much of a purpose. Abe Lincoln had not yet come home to roost. The display poster heralds the recently unveiled Grand Canyon Diorama.

I wish I could see those window displays better! The Alice attraction was also recently opened at the time; the poster is peeking out behind the Horseless Carriage.

When this November 1964 image was taken, the Opera House was serving as the Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters. Young guests could sign-up and receive an official membership card.

Less than a year later, Abe would kick Mickey out and make it his permanent home.

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Fifthrider said...

Mickey looks a little different when he's wearing those size 7's

Major Pepperidge said...

Years ago I noticed that the attraction posters on display at the Opera House had the bottom few inches cut off so that they would fit into the too-small frames. Ouch! So they generally were missing the part that would say "Frontierland" or "Fantasyland". Did somebody just measure wrong when making those frames?

Matthew said...

Love the fact that the Main Street Cast Member driving the Jitney appears to be wearing a top hat. I wonder if that was part of the costume back then?

@ Major Pepperidge - Great insight to those Attraction Posters at the Opera House. I never would have known... but I might have noticed that something was off.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle